Everyday Hair Care
Μain Actives:

PΙROCTONE OLAMINE: eliminates microorganisms responsible for dandruff formation, soothes redness and irritation of scalp.

SALICYLIC ACID: clears away the most tenacious scale, while exfoliating gently the scalp.

THYME EXTRACT: purifies the scalp and normalizes sebum production, one of the main factors responsible for the creation of greasy dandruff.

VITAMIN F: deeply moisturizes hair shaft and restores the physiological balance of the scalp.

ALLANTOIN: thanks to its dermo-protective properties, hydrates and nourishes the hair shaft in order to restore its natural protective film. It also soothes itchiness.

BITAMIN 6 & BIOTIN: these two vitamins regulate the production of sebum on the scalp at the desired levels.

SAGE EXTRACT: regulates sebum production, purifies hair fiber, helps soothing of the scalp, refreshes and moistures scalp and hair.

TILIA EXTRACT: restructures and moistures hair, allowing the preventive natural film of the hair to regain its moisture levels.

RICE OIL: contains vitamin A&B, minerals and phytosterols, all well known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

CERAMIDES: anti-oxidant, restucturing action

JOJOBA OIL, ALOE VERA, CERAMIDES: deeply hydrate and repair the hair fibre.

VITAMIN Ε: with antioxidant & antiaging action, revitalizes hair and prevents the formation of split ends This conditioner effectively helps reduce hair breakage.

CASHMERE KERATIN: softens the hair, while protecting them from environmental and chemical stress factors like pollution or bleaching agents. It increases the cysteine available to the hair, minimizing damage, and increasing tensile strength.

WHEAT PROTEIN: it helps the hair attract and maintain more moisture. It restores the elasticity, shine & volume of the hair, especially the dry unmanageable hair, while it allows easy combing of wet & dry hair.


Colored and damaged hair


Oily and Dry dandruff


Greasy hair


Delicately clean


All hair types


Dry unmanageable hair



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