Studi Clinici

# Autore Titolo dello Studio Università/Pubblicazioni Paese Anno
42 F. D’Abrosca Effectiveness Test Regenerating Action Tricosaccaride. In Vitro Applied Cellular Biology & Toxicology Laboratory I.N.T.E.G.R.A. S.r.l. Italia 2013
41 L.Rigano Clinical and subjective evaluation of the efficacy of Foltène Men's Foam with Tricosaccaride® in alopecia and telogen effluvium. Institute of Skin & Product Evaluation Italia 2009
40 L.Rigano Clinical and subjective evaluation of the efficacy of Foltène Women's Foam with Tricalgoxyl® in alopecia and telogen effluvium. Institute of Skin & Product Evaluation Spagna 2009
39 R. Caputo Clinical Study For The Efficacy Evaluation Of A Product Containing Fucan Sulfate (Lmwfs Cosmetic Use) In Androgenetic Alopecia. Istituto di Scienze Dermatologiche I.R.C.C.S. - University of Milan Italia 1999
38 Makki S. et al. Enhancement of normal Hair Growth by Topical Treatment Journal of Applied Cosmetology [vol 6 p45-50]   1998
37 Rinaldi F. et al. Effect of Mucopolysaccharides On The Growth, In Culture Of Pilosebaceous Units Isolated From The Human Scalp 1st World Hair Congress Spagna 1997
36 A. Sidoli Effects of Treatment with Low Molecular Weight Fucan Sulfate for cosmetic use on the culture growth of pilosebaceous units isolated from the human scalp. Science Park Raf, San Raffaele Hospital Italia 1997
35 Clemente F. et al. Psicoreologia Cosmetics in Clinical Investigations Cosmesi dermatologica [p25-36]   1995
34 Rinaldi F. et al. Double Blind Clinical Trial fo the Evaluation of the Efficacy of a product for the Treatment of Hair Fall Centro Tricologico Milan 1993
33 Bran L. et al. Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Product Based on Mucopolysaccharides Associated with a Bioenergizing Complex in the Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia University Complutense Madrid 1993
32 Gazzani G. et al. Increased Camp Levels in Human Hair Follicles Due To Local Treatment With Tricoriboside University of Milan Italia 1993
31 Califano A. Evaluation on the Effectiveness of a Product based on Tricosaccaride® and Nucleic Acids Depolymerized in the Treatment of Alopecia Androgenetoca and the Imperfections of the Scalp University di Ferrara Italia 1992
30 Gervasi V. Mucopolysaccaride on Alopecia Medicina Estetica y Cirugia Cosmetica [p22-26] Argentina 1992
29 Panconesi E. et al. Mycopolysaccarides and Depolymerized Nuclear Acids in Androgenic Alopecia-Double Blind Clinical Trial Dermatology Today [vol 5 no3 p39-46] Italia 1991
28 Marsden K. Trial on Foltene® Malmesbury Wilthshire UK 1990
27 Bartalini P. et al. Tricosaccarride in the Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia Double Blind Clinical Laboratory Study, Journal de ZMedecine Esthetique et de Chirurgie Dermatologique [XVI p73-77] Italia 1989
26 Erpaiboon et al. Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia with Tricosaccaride® Institute of Dermatology Bangkok 1989
25 Watanabe Y. et al. Clinical Experience with Panfortene in Male Pattern Alopecia Cases Journal of New Remedies & Clinics [vol 37 p541-544] Giappone 1988
24 Won Soo Lee et al. A Clinical Study of Topical Foltene® Therapy in Alopecia The New Medical Journal [vol 31 no6] Corea 1988
23 Mozzanica N. et al. Clinical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Product Based on Mucopolysaccharides (Tricosaccaride) and Depolymerising Deoxyribonucleic Acids in the treatment of scalp Blemishes La Medicina Estetica [vol12 p77-81] Italia 1988
22 Candio P. et al. Study on the Action of Tricosaccaride® Ricerca Medica [p23-30] Italia January 1987
21 Solaroli C. Clinical Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Tricosaccaride Products in the Treatment of Dystrophic Hair & Scalp Disorders La Medicina Estetica [vol 11 no1, p25-34] Italia 1987
20 Bartalini P. Antipityriasis Activity on Product Line Containing Piroctone Olamine Giornale Italiano Di Dermatologia E Venereologia [vol 122, pXI-XIX] Italia March 1987
19 Moshe K. Hair Loss and the Use of Foltene® Hospital of Haifa Israele 1987
18 Lopez A. Clinical Experiment of Foltene® on Alopecia Profesion Medica Spagna April 1987
17 Piazza P. et al. Lotion Based on Mucopolysaccaride as a Treatment on Seborrhea Regulation on Androgenetic Alopecia Cosmesi dermatologica [p27-35] Italia 1987
16 Hong K. Alopecia: Results of a Clinical trial of Foltene® Application The New Medical Journal [vol 3 no3] Corea 1987
15 Agache P. Evaluation on Hair Growth and the Property of Hair Treatment Hospital Saint Jacques Francia 1986
14 Saenger Ruiz F. Clinical Trial with Foltene® in Alopecia & Baldness Spanish Society of Esthetic Medicine Barcellona 1986
13 Rantuccio F. Clinical Study on the Action of Tricosaccaride® Associated with Sodium Sulpho Phenate in the Treatment of Scalp Disorders La Medicina Estetica [vol 10 no1] Italia 1986
12 Cosimo C. Treatment of Scalp Disorders with Tricosaccaride® Applied Topically and with Laser Therapy Science Medicine E Sociali [vol IV no2]
11 Negri M. et al. Clinical Evaluation of a Preparation for Cleansing a basis of Natural Mucopolysaccharides La Medicina Estetica [p35-39] Italia March 1984
10 Ciulla M. et al. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Treatment for Hair La Medicina Estetica [vol 8 no2, p67-67]
9 Agache P. Evaluation of the Action of Foltene® Hair Treatment on Hair Regrowth Hospital Saint Jacques Francia 1984
8 Gazzani G. et al. Experience ob Trichogramme 4th International Congress of Esthetic Medicine & Cosmetology Italia 1983
7 Radaelli A. et al. Clinical Trial on a Product Containing Natural Mucopolysaccaride La Medicina Estetica [Vol 7 no2] Italia 1983
6 Laurent et al. Trials of Foltene® Traitement on numerous subjects Rothschild Foundation, Beaujon Hospital hospital of Paris Francia 1982
5 Bouhanna Clinical trial of Foltene®Hair Treatment Saint Louis Hospital Francia 1982
4 Hinky M. Etude Prolongee du Foltene® Traitement Hospital Foch
3 Pons Cutaneous Sensitization test of Foltene® Hair Treartment Saint Louis Hospital Francia 1981
2 Hinky M. Clinical Study on the "Effect of Tricosaccaride® on Scalp Alopecia" Hospital Foch Francia 1980
1 Hinky M. Clinical Study on the Tolerability of Foltene® Treatment on Hair Hospital Foch Francia 1980


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