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Nikoleta Koini Doctor NIKOLETA KOINI is a Dermatologist-Venereologist.

She graduated from the medical school of the University of PATRAS and took the specialty of Dermatologist at the University Syggros Hospital of Athens. Part of the hospital’s specialty made at West Attica(LIMODON) which is the reference Greek center of Hansen patients. She took extra specialization in LASER-COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY (BOSTON UNIVERSITY, LASER TRAINING INSTITUTE-GROVE CITY USA, GENEVE).

She has attended numerous seminars, workshops and conferences in the field of LASER Dermatology and cosmetics. She has years of experience and work in this area. As part of an ongoing search for the best and the continuing effort to being better and to provide better services to the patients, she specialized in anti-aging, preventive medicine and health promotion from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and took after examinations the Diploma and Board Certificate in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Right now she is taking Fellowship in Anti-aging, Regenerative, Functional and Preventive Medicine, in order to take the Master in this field.

She maintains the Anti-aging Medical preventive center NK CLINIC ( in Athens, Greece.

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