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Nikoleta Koini Doctor Antiaging Operations, Preventive and Regenerative Medicine, Diplomate and Board Certified in Anti-aging, Preventive, Functional and Regenerative Medicine from A4M (American Academy in Antiaging Medicine) Short Biography
Dr. Nikoleta Koini, dermatologist & anti-aging specialist, argues on the benefits of anti-aging medicine (preventive & therapeutic) and validates that Foltène®PHARMA products have strong anti-aging action on the hair and scalp. The appearance of hair plays an important role in people's overall physical appearance and self-perception. Today's increasing life expectancy, increases also the desire to look youthful. The hair care industry is also following the above trend and is trying to deliver products to end consumers that will fulfill this need. The discovery of pharmacological targets and the development of safe and effective drugs also imply the industry’s strategy to maintain healthy, youthful and beautiful hair1.

Hair, Scalp and Nail aging _ Treatments

Hair aging can be diagnosed by the weathering of the hair shaft and aging of the hair follicle. There is a progressive reduction in the density of hair follicles both on the face and scalp, independent of male-pattern alopecia. As we get older, hair starts to turn grey; this is caused by the decrease of melanocyte in the hair bulb, also a hair aging factor.

The scalp is also subject to intrinsic (or physiologic) aging and extrinsic aging caused by external factors.
  • Intrinsic factors are related to individual genetic mechanisms with interindividual variation.
  • Extrinsic factors include ultraviolet radiation, smoking, oxidative stress, pure nutrition, improper life style, glycosylation and many others.
Clinical conditions that are related with intrinsic aging factors can be commonly met, like alopecia, hair graying and xerosis for the hair as well as nail conditions, like onychodystrophy and onychomycosis. Nail is aging as well.

Treating the problem

Current known available treatment modalities with proven efficacy for treatment of androgenetic alopecia are topical minoxidil, oral or topical finasteride, and laser therapies with mesotherapies and finally autologous hair transplantation. Also in order to reverse hair graying (in the absence of another known way) hair colorants are the mainstays of recovering lost hair color. Current anti-aging hair treatments consist of integrative and cellular approaches targeting to the main cellular dysfunction. Under investigation-evaluation we can also find studies on topical liposome targeting for melanin, genes, and proteins, selectively to hair follicles.

Contemporary lifestyle is causing great stress to hair thus hair is aging faster.

The good news is that you don't have to take extreme measures to instantly look younger.
Foltène®PHARMA products, thanks to their innovative formulas and patented active ingredients: Tricosaccaride® for male product line and Tricalgoxyl® for the female product line have contributed effectively to the fight against hair-loss, one of the most common hair aging factors. Foltène®PHARMA products are compatible with the most updated knowledge in medicine and Pharmacology of anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Nikoleta Koini verifies the anti-aging properties that Foltène®PHARMA products can offer to both women & men over the age of 30, through the products clinical studies..

Foltène®PHARMA products are suitable not only for treating hair problems (hair loss, rebuild) and scalp conditions (dandruff, greasiness, Seborrheic Dermatitis), but also for the effective prevention of different hair & scalp problems, since all the essential innovative anti-aging regenerative medicine protocols - for the reconstruction and prevention of diseases of the scalp - are included in their formula.

Dr. Nikoleta Koini strongly supports, the composition of Foltène®PHARMA products. Formulas are carefully designed, without chemicals and parabens, following the principles of anti-aging medicine.

In order to prove the hair anti-aging properties of Foltène®PHARMA products Dr. Nikoleta Koini points out the following:

1. The importance of mucopolysaccharides in the anti-aging process
The contribution of polysaccharides, in the nutrition, hydration and elasticity of the skin, as well as their anti-inflammatory action on the skin, hair, hair follicles and the scalp, are well-known to the dermatologists’ society.

Clinical trials conducted have shown that mucopolysaccharides are active also when applied topically on the scalp.

We can therefore state that Tricosaccaride&rag;, composed essentially of mucopolysaccharides:

- Positively influences local blood circulation at the level of the scalp

- Improves cellular and tissue exchange thus bringing a greater amount of nutritive elements to the hair, while at the same time

- Removes waste products normally present in the hair follicle

2. Prolonging growth phase of hair cycle on patients with Androgenic Alopecia
Androgenic Alopecia is characterized by a progressive shortening of the anagen phase whereby the hair falls prematurely and in greater numbers, given that a greater percentage of follicles are in the telogen phase at the same time. Furthermore with each successive cycle the hair shaft gets progressively shorter and finer and its pigment content diminishes. Foltène®PHARMA products can work preventively as well, as they help to normalize the vital hair cycle and prolong the anagen phase. Tricosaccaride® is actually polysaccharides extracted from algae and they can prolong the growth phase of the follicle (probably due to its interaction with the different growth factors involved in the regulation of the hair cycle). This has a definite anti-aging effect.

3. Polysaccharides anti-aging action
Scalp disorders, mainly represented by various forms of alopecia, are caused by many etiopathogenetic factors. In all these disorders, the main finding in the peribulbar connective tissue, is the reduction of scalp polysaccharides (mainly glycosaminoglycans), which cause metabolic alterations and reduced vascularity (an abnormal fragility of scalp reflecting a process of regressive keratin lysis). Therefore the topical supply of polysaccharides minimizes the side effects on hair and scalp hydration and stimulate scalp and hair nutrition by dilating the microvasculation and urging metabolic processes that are responsible for hair loss. This is without a doubt an anti-aging and preventative effect for hair loss and hair disorders than come with age (due to age and metabolic alterations).

4. Boosted anti-aging benefits of Polysaccharides when combined with vitamins and minerals
Dr. Nikoleta Koini considers that the action of polysaccharides is enhanced when combined with the appropriate cellular anti-aging elements, vitamins and other combinations of amino acids, ginseng, minerals, trace elements and other cellular components:

Vitamin B1: nourish and take care of the hair

Vitamin B5: moisturize the hair

Vitamin B6: enhance the production of keratin

Vitamin PP: activate microcirculation of the scalp

Vitamin C: collagen genesis regulator, necessary for the construction of hair follicle

Vitamin H: sebum secretion regulator

Vitamin E: anti-oxidative and anti-aging

Xanthines: anti-oxidative action that fights free radicals in the scalp and effective anti-aging prevention

Capsicum Extract: stimulatory action on the development of hair follicle

5. Tricosaccaride® anti-aging actions
Tricosaccaride®, composed mainly of glycosaminoglycans, has a positive influence on the circular conditions of the scalp and has a better and longer-lasting action than any vasodilator on blood flow deficiencies. This is a truly anti-aging effect. The vasodilation improves oxygenation and therefore the vitality of the hair.

The action of Trichosaccharide® has been proven to improve the metabolism of the hair follicle, the sebaceous gland and the epidermis. Thus it also acts as an anti-aging barrier.

6. Foltène®PHARMA shampoos anti-aging action
Foltène®PHARMA shampoos act physiologically on the scalp and hair restoring the natural equilibrium. This is without any doubt a pure anti-aging effect.

7. Mucopolysaccharides anti-aging actions
   a) The compound of Mucopolysaccharides and the other innovative ingredients have a triple anti-aging action:
- Nutrient
- Antimicrobic
- Vasodilating

   b) Mucopolysaccharides have the ability to increase the blood flow, therefore bring a larger quantity of nutritive elements to the hair. This activity favors local nourishment and influences positively the hair cycle. This procedure has a positive anti-aging effect.

8. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) & mucopolysaccharides anti-aging actions
The fragments of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) along with the mucopolysaccharides have a positive action on the follicle’s growth that it is mediated by c AMP. This regulating action reduces the number of hair in telogen phase and increases the number of hair in the anagen phase. This has a total therapeutic effect on the whole scalp epidermis, thus an anti-aging effect on hair.

The main action of this innovative mixture is preventive at it can slow down the progressing loss of hair and normalize the hair cycle. These molecules are directly involved as mediators in the growth cycle.

A very important anti-aging action is that these molecules form a protective functional barrier around the follicle in anagen phase, thus preventing recognition of the matrix cells by the mediators of natural cytotoxicity. This confers an immune privilege on the hair follicle and as such supply a surrounding protective environment for maintenance and growth of the hair.

This intervention of genetically determined targets on hair follicles is the main target of anti-aging medicine!

9. Brown algae anti-aging benefits
Furthermore the chemicals that can be found in brown algae, protect from skin cancer, thus have preventative and anti-aging action!!

In conclusion...

Hair loss results to serious psychological disturbances on a person’s emotional health and therefore treating hair and scalp conditions is mandatory for both women and men. Nowadays, anti-aging medicine can be applied on hair, scalp and nail problems not only to treat existing conditions, but also preventively to avoid aging. Foltène®PHARMA products have been developed with an anti-aging approach.

Caring for your hair, eyelashes and nails with Foltène®PHARMA products should be a part of your daily personal care routine, since hair health and beauty is a key to a youthful appearance, but also the secret to emotional balance.

Cosmetic-Laser Dermatologist
Anti-aging Specialist
Diplomate and Board Certified
Anti-aging, Preventive and Functional medicine
American academy in Anti-aging Medicine


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