Sensitive Scalp

Sensitive scalp is similarly approached as sensitive skin. The number of patients, although rather small, is increasing: more women than men have a sensitive scalp.

Causes of sensitive scalp is still unknown.
Symptoms include burning, tingling, pain, itchiness and redness.

Foltène®PHARMA Sensitive Scalp Shampoo formulated without aggressive cleansing agents (Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Parabens free) is ideal even for the most sensitive scalp.

Dermo-protective action

  • VITAMIN F: helps to restore the natural balance of the scalp.
  • ALLANTOIN: thanks to its soothing and dermoprotective properties deeply hydrates and nourishes hair and scalp.

Content: 200ml

The hair and scalp are protected, restoring a healthier and more balanced look and feel.

With soothing, hydrating action it restors the natural scalp balance.

Daily use

Usage instructions:
apply to damp hair, gently massage and rinse thoroughly. Repeat If necessary.

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