Discovered in 1966 by the Crinos (Foltène®PHARMA's mother company) research group while carrying out tolerability tests on an active ingredient for arteriosclerosis: during testing, the researchers discovered that one of the components present had trichogenic activity (growth of hair). Further extensive testing led to the definition and identification of the substance, a particular mixture of natural mucopolysaccharides, which was given the name of Tricosaccaride®. The composition, method of extraction and purification of this active ingredient are exclusive of Foltène®PHARMA’s Laboratories S.p.A. Because of its complexity, Tricosaccaride® is prepared, tested and controlled following the same methods used for pharmaceutical products.

Mucopolysaccharides or glycosaminoglycans are normal components of the organism and in particular of the connective tissue. Even though the importance of their presence in the hair follicle is not completely clear, the fact remains that the greater the activity of the follicle in the Anagen phase (growth), the greater the quantity of mucopolysaccharides, while in the Catagen (resting) and Telogen phase (fall) their quantity tends to decrease significantly. The quantitative fluctuations found in the various phases of hair growth can only be strictly related to trichogenesis itself which, as demonstrated by numerous trials, is greatly stimulated by mucopolysaccharides.

To better understand the action of Tricosaccaride®, it is important to know the function that mucopolysaccharides have in the organism: mucopolysaccharides improve blood circulation, reduce the concentration of lipids in the blood and protect vessels. Substantially, this means an improvement in the condition of blood circulation and consequently an overall improvement in celllular and tissue trophism. Clinical trials conducted have shown that mucopolysaccharides are active also when applied topically to the scalp. We can therefore say that Tricosaccaride®, composed essentially of mucopolysaccharides, positively influences local blood circulation at the level of the scalp, improves cellular and tissue exchange thus bringing a greater amount of nutritive elements to the hair, while at the same time removing waste products normally produced in the hair follicle.

The activity of Tricosaccaride® has been extensively demonstrated by numerous clinical trials carried out in Italy and in other countries: starting from 1980, 38 clinical trials have been conducted on more than 1300 subjects, by means of instrumental evaluation (trichogram, phototrichogram, pull test) clinical as well as subjective patient evaluation.

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